CoLiberate is an impact-focused social enterprise. Our impact model provides opportunities for people in frontline roles to do their training for free. We want to support people in these roles to be better equipped to respond to callouts regarding mental health challenges.

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We see Front-lining roles as the people supporting anyone in the community whether this is a paramedic saving a person’s life, or a hairdresser being a trusted person that their customer can confide in. Right now, we know that some of the frontliners facing the toughest times are volunteers, supermarket workers, cleaners, social workers. 


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Mental Health First Response is a 1 day small group training. It delivers key understandings, skills, and practices so people can provide first response and co-care support for your wider community or workplace. This succinct and robust training enables you to respond quickly and effectively.

This course is made up of four Phases

1. Mental Health Support Platforms 

This session creates a strong foundation for all understandings of best support practices.

2. CRISIS Response 

This session develops your confidence to respond to mental health crises by understanding best practices.

3. CONVOS Support Framework 

This session guides you through a conversational framework to help you provide mental health support early.

4. Practice  

Build confidence by practicing the skills and applying it to your context in this session.

All sessions have:
  • Participatory learning approach
  • Workbooks
  • Visual, game-based, and participant-led learning environment
  • Guided by highly skilled and experienced CoLiberate facilitators∙
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Want your organisation to know how to respond to challenges when they arise in your workplace?

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