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Mental health and wellbeing is recorded as the top reason people take time off work. We also know that nearly one million New Zealanders experience mental health challenges every year. 

While many organisations have a plan for responding to common first aid problems such as sprains and strains, broken bones and even heart attacks, they are a lot less equipped to recognise and respond to the mental health equivalent. First aiders save lives. Now Mental Health First Aiders are saving lives too!  

Certified Mental Health First Aiders are making shifts to the mental health culture of their workplaces and are using the skills to save lives at home and at work.

This course provides

  • Practice opportunities
  • Supported by coaching conversations
  • Confidence to respond to crisis situations
  • Understanding of signs of depression, anxiety, psychosis and substance misuse. 


It was one of the best MH training programmes i’ve been on. This provided me with the knowledge and confidence to tackle issues in the future. Thoroughly recommend to anyone even if you are not in a Mental Health role.
Sanj Silva, NZ Cricket Players Association

It’s common to come to mental health conversations with high levels of fear. CoLiberate skillful host safe environments where people are well supported through the intensity of what these conversations can bring up.

We deliver this programme publically and privately within Organisations anywhere in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  We have worked with more than 200 organisations across the country.

2-day MHFA programme includes:

16 contact hours ( 8 each day) with experienced facilitators.

Comprehensive take-home manual and support resources.

Mental Health First Aid Certificate valid for two years.

By the end of the programme participants are trained to:
  • Recognise the signs and signals of distress and developing mental health challenges.
  • Understand the right pathways of professional support.
  • Understand how to be the best advocate for someone in their recovery journey.
  • Understanding language that is helpful when responding to mental distress.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding all stages of wellbeing
  • Feel confident in implementing the ALGEE action plan.
  • Better understand their own boundaries and the importance of debrief and self-care strategies.


You can book in a workplace cohort for this 2-day training now, to be delivered after June 11th. We hold very high the appropriate physical distancing guidelines. Get in touch. 

To find out more information about our remote offerings, follow this link.

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This course is a breath of fresh air into New Zealand's dialogue around mental health. It's not just an exchange of information but an immersive learning experience, which I can already imagine applying in my life. Through the interactive workshop elements, I was able to overcome some persistent beliefs about myself and change some beliefs I held about the experience of poor mental health.

RupertCourse participant

An encouraging and really practical introduction to this complex topic. Learned so much - it's an amazing toolkit for anyone interested in helping and supporting other humans at difficult times - can't recommend it enough.

Hannah SmithCourse Participant

Having observed and supported mental health challenges previously, I could identify some signs but I wasn’t convinced or confident in how I should respond. The MFHA training course by CoLiberate explored these experiences and beyond, and allowed us to practice our response in a safe way. I now feel much more confident in supporting people in mental distress, as well as listening to the day-to-day challenges which we can all experience.

Stuart WhiteheadSpringload

A fantastic course that will be hugely beneficial in my role at work. I feel better equipped to help staff and confident to see a situation right through.

PhilippaCourse Participant

The MHFA programme was a fantastic way to gain an extensive understanding of how to identify and help those suffering from a range of mental health challenges. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Oliver DriverSouth Pacific Pictures

I believe the awareness this MHFA course builds is essential to our humanity at this time. The care, sensitivity and experiential tools that Coliberate offers with this education is exceptional.

Emily Whyte RubinCourse Participant

The content and delivery were excellent. The facilitators were very cognisant of the needs of the people attending the course and ensuring that we took time to reflect and that we were all coping. in all an excellent course that was delivered impeccably.

RobertHamilton Jet

“This was a challenging but superb course which covered a lot of material in a short time frame. It needs to be an integral part of all training programmes in large Corporate entities in NZ.”


This is a fantastic investment for anyone who is interested in learning new skills around mental health. Not just from a crisis perspective but really equipping people with the confidence to approach people that they feel may just be having a hard time and may be lower down the continuum of mental health at a particular time. The group sizes are kept to a good size which means that you can really engage with everyone and get the absolute most out of the facilitators and the shared experiences that any small group like this brings. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a wide-ranging and holistic mental health first aid course.

Carolynn GubbVector

An engaging and accessible course for learning MHFA - expertly ran and a great way to spend two days as part of personal development. I would 100% recommend.

Jenn BroomMHFA Participant