Wellbeing Action Planning is a small group workshop followed by a coaching conversation to understand self-support, self-care, and make a plan for what you may need at any stage of wellness. 

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This course is made up of one 90min workshop


  • Identify and understand the external and internal indicators of how you are feeling at any stage of wellness.
  • Learn how to easily share indicators of how you are feeling with others in your environment and how to ask for further support. 
  • Identify likely barriers to supports, generating solutions to those barriers, and alternative support options
This workshop
  • Participatory learning approach  
  • Individually completed digital guidebooks and tool kit  
  • Visual, game-based and participant-led learning environment  
  • Guided by highly skilled and experienced CoLiberate facilitators
1 to 1 Coaching
  • With one of the facilitators from the workshop
  • It’s opt in. it’s there when you need it.
  • It could be over the phone or in person.
  • Hosted remotely through video conferencing software
  • Hosted In Room in Wellington
  • Can travel to deliver anywhere in New Zealand *travel fees will be included.
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