Focused Range of Services

Modular service components with customisable elements for your organisations unique situation


Effective Remote Processes

Our team of coaches and designers have rapidly adapted our core offerings to the conditions of a world working remotely


Whole of Organisation Opportunities

Services, coaching, tools and processes addressing mental wellbeing across your entire organisation.

Mental Health First Response

Small group training, with key understandings, skills and practices so staff can provide first response and co-care supports for your wider team - enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to support others in your organisation.

Organisational Response Support

Support group upskill sessions providing introductions to key understandings, basic training and ongoing supports to your primary support teams, tailored to your specific needs, and followed up with 1-on-1 remote support coaching.

Remote Leadership

Giving leaders and managers the key understandings, skills and practices to enable their BAU management practices to operate effectively in times of reduced direct contact, and accelerated transformation, with ongoing 1-on-1 leadership response coaching sessions.

Wellbeing Action Plans

Collaborative planning directly with your individual team members, to create comprehensive, self-managing and interdependent plans for their ongoing mental health and safety.