Mental Health First Response is a one-day group skills training to help you recognize and respond to distress so that you can be a trusted person for the people in your life to rely on for supportive conversations at any stage of wellness.

Men enjoy a mental health training course

This course is a must if you are working in a team environment. I feel I have gained the skills to approach and have an uncomfortable conversation around Mental Health. A very valuable experience!

Logan Van BeekCricketer, NZCPA

I look after health and safety within our organisation. Whilst we are a small and heavy tradie based company I thought it would be very useful to have five people trained in mental health first aid. We have all really enjoyed this course and the way it is conducted is very real and emotions based rather than an immediate medical response. I feel we can support our team and make these conversations normal to break down the tough tradie stigma. Loved this course and will recommend to many people!

Jennifer WilsonHR and H&S - Sign Foundry

The MHFR skills training was extremely relevant and relatable to my work. I appreciated going through the training with other likeminded individuals and developing my confidence in approaching others to check in and provide support that is appropriate for their mental health. The facilitators are extremely kind, empathetic and nurturing, and guided us through a very safe and educational training. Thank you CoLiberate!

Shelby WilsonPublic Health Advisor, Wellington Public Health Unit

I would recommend this course for any people leader, or in fact any organisation, that wishes to bring more compassion and valuable tools towards improving capability around mental wellbeing. The online delivery is a convenient way to access the course and the skills application is valuable in practicing the theory so we can be prepared to respond appropriately. In my view, every people leader should undertake this kind of training to improve their leadership capability.

Anca MillerGarage project

MHFR Course Outline 

This course is made up of four phases


Phase One: Support Platforms

Follow a character through a set of experiences to develop your foundation of supportive attitudes.

Phase Two: Crisis Response

Develop your confidence to check if someone is at risk of harm and to respond appropriately to help keep the person safe. Identify the signs and signals and carry out the critical steps of crisis response for suicidal ideation.

On completion, you will be an accredited CoLiberate Mental Health First Responder.

Phase Three: Support CONVOS Framework

Iterative game-based learning challenges enable you to practice each step of CoLiberate’s support CONVOS framework for early support check-ins.

Phase Four: MHFR Skills Application

Review audio scenarios to contextualize support CONVOS in action.

Build your confidence by applying the support platforms, critical steps of crisis and CONVOS framework to respond to relevant scenarios with coaching support.

You’ll be guided through CoLiberate’s acclaimed group experience model, which is highly participative so that you can lead your own learning and find your own ways to have the little convos that make the biggest difference.

MHFR Delivery Options:


  • Live Online delivery
    4 x 90mins sessions covering all 4 phases.
    Usually over two mornings | 9am – 12.30pm

  • Hosted In Person in Wellington
    1 Day training // 9 – 5pm // includes sufficient breaks

    Can travel* to deliver in person anywhere in New Zealand.

    *travel fees will be included.

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Attend a public MHFR Course.

Online and In-person options available.

If you are curious to hear more about the benefits of training with CoLiberate check out this short clip from Sanj Silva, National Personal Development Manager for NZCPA.

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MHFR Recertification Training

A tightly focused package of advanced practice scenarios, activities and tools designed to refresh and extend on our MHFR Certification.

Suited to all first responders, whether highly confident, motivated, and ready to level up, or seeking a boost to support you to continue having the CONVOS that count.

Offered In person or Online
1/2 day

6-14 people

Please note: For people who trained in CoLiberate’s MHFR Certification who need to recertify.

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