Kia ora koutou,

The last 12 weeks have been a massive opportunity for growth for our organisation. 15 weeks ago, we were making a COVID-19 preparation plan, feeling concerned that we were spending too much time focusing on the detailed risk factors connected to a challenge that we might not even face. We had no idea it would be an essential support plan to guide us into our transition through lockdown…

We are welcoming and celebrating the announcement of Level One – 12 weeks later, well-done everyone. We are feeling grateful to all the people who made personal compromises to be apart of the collective strategy of… staying home. We are heartened by some of the stories we have heard from our participants in our Zoom rooms about what they are up against at the moment and the positive stories of care and support.

With the announcement of Level 1, comes an update to you all about what services CoLiberate are offering and how we are delivering them going forward for the foreseeable future. Given our lockdown opportunity to train our facilitators to deliver our whole suite of offerings, we have the capacity to take on new clients and private bookings for July onwards.

Now more than ever is the time to invest in staff support and training. The shift to Alert Level One reminds us of the hoops we have jumped over in the past 12 weeks and the emotional somersaulting we have had to do to accept the changes that have happened in our lives. Before lockdown, a lot of people were in need of solid support plans, wellbeing action plans, and confident people in their environment to be the emotional safety net in moments of inevitable distress… after lockdown, there are even more people seeking the little conversations that will make the biggest difference.

We are here to equip organsations to be prepared, ready, and confident that they can provide the best staff support. We are here to help advocate to employers that staff wellbeing is important. We are here for chats, connection, and encouragement to continue the radical act of giving and receiving support


  • Mental Health First Response  – 1 Day training
  • Effective Empathy Leadership Training  – 1 Day Training
  • Wellbeing Action Planning – 1/2 Day workshop + 1to1 coaching
  • Organisation Response Support – 1to1coaching
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