We are really proud of the organisations who have taken the bold step to upskill their people with mental health first aid skills training. We are seeing a massive impact with this training – 62,000 MHFA convos happening per year, throughout 100+ organisations and communities – many of which have saved lives.

We stand tall knowing that the ripple effect spreads further than we can measure.

Kia kaha Aotearoa, let’s continue to support mental health awareness building and the passion to see a change in our mental health landscape with the tangible skills to actually be the change we want to see. We can reach out when we see someone who is not seeming okay. We can look after ourselves and each other. We can upskill ourselves so we’re confident that the support we’re giving is the right support.

Thank you Andrew(s) at TVNZ 1 , The awesome crew at Flux FederationBradley Project Management – BPM Ltd and Mana Communications for making this news piece come to life!

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Mental Health First Response Training

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